Monthly Archives: October 2021

Oct 29 2021

6 Things You Need to Plan for the Future

By KKC Estate Planning Attorneys / In Estate Planning
It's not pleasant to think about a time when you won't be here anymore. But it's very important to start thinking about this ahead of time so that you can prepare adequately. Many people pass away without a will, which makes things very c ... Continue Reading »
Oct 15 2021
Decades ago, it was common for the elderly to remain in the family home and be cared for by their extended family. Often the elderly owned the family homestead that provided shelter for their children and grandchildren. In exchange, the elderly recei ... Continue Reading »
Oct 01 2021

Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment

By Attorney Dorian Famiglietti / In Real Estate
The National Taxpayers Union estimates that between 30 and 60% of taxable property in the United States is overassessed. And while no one wants to pay more for taxes than they need to, fewer than 5% of homeowners challenge the assessed value of ... Continue Reading »

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