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Oct 28 2022

VLOG: Incapacity Planning

By Attorney Allison Poirier / In Estate Planning
While estate plans typically focus on events that will happen years down the road, incapacity planning is more about the here and now since anyone at any age can be affected by a serious illness or injury. In this webinar, learn about how, throu ... Continue Reading »
Oct 13 2022
Pedestrian fatalities on CT and roadways throughout the United States have increased over the past decade. Deaths of pedestrians and cyclists are at 30-year highs. Factors that were suggested to lead to the recent rise include: Lack of safe roa ... Continue Reading »
Oct 07 2022
Marriage Issues Have you set the date yet? Is your daughter getting married? Marriage is an important step. If both spouses have a similar financial situation, then perhaps no special planning needs to be considered. If there is a disparity in finan ... Continue Reading »

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