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The attorneys in KKC's Real Estate Department handle both residential and commercial real property conveyances. They also assist clients in many highly specialized and sophisticated financing and commercial transactions which involve the collaboration of several distinct legal practice areas.

Residential Commercial Agricultural Real EstateResidential Closings
KKC's real estate attorneys counsel and represent individual buyers and sellers in negotiating and drafting contracts for the sale of property and the financing and refinancing of property. Our services include all aspects of the closing process. State of the art automation and attention to detail allow us to provide the consistency and accuracy in document preparation which institutional lenders require. We explain all of the steps in the closing process to our clients so that they can participate in their own transaction in a positive and meaningful way. From the drafting of simple deeds and powers of attorney to more complex transactions which may require the creation of new property descriptions or working through the mathematics of closing adjustment computations, our skilled staff guides our clients through hundreds of transactions each year. Download our helpful moving checklist


KKC's attorneys counsel and represent individuals and businesses, as landlord and as tenant, in the preparation of both residential and commercial leases. Commercial leases, in particular, require attention to many different issues including: rent adjustments; responsibility for maintenance, repairs, taxes, and insurance; the need for a right of first refusal or option to renew or purchase; subletting permission; allocation of risk of loss in the event of damage or destruction to the property, etc. Oftentimes commercial leases involve extensive negotiations, and we are available to guide and assist our clients through this process.

Commercial Loan Transactions
KKC's attorneys counsel and represent numerous banks and private lenders in structuring and closing their commercial loan transactions. The issues presented might include the choice of business entities (individual, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership), the terms and conditions of the loan (who is liable, what security will be given, how and when will repayment be made), as well as a legal analysis of the zoning, title, and marketability issues related to the real property involved.

Residential and Commercial Land Development 
Working with our land use attorneys, we counsel and assist clients in the development of all types of residential and commercial development. This aspect of our work includes researching the legal titles to properties, working with our clients to purchase and assemble the parcels and easements required to comprise the proposed new use, drafting the documents necessary to create, phase, and finance such new entities (common interest communities, shopping centers, or industrial facilities) and finally,creating the leases and deeds which transfer the product to its new owners and end users.





Agricultural Real Estate Services
KKC's attorneys have a history of working with farmers and agricultural organizations on the special needs of the agricultural community. Farms and farm transactions are different and special in many respects. These transactions might include dealing with unusually complex multiple parcel property titles or financing which accommodates particular agricultural cycles. We also provide tax planning and conveyances of farm property from parents to children, which insures the continuity of the family farm.

Our Real Estate Attorneys:

William E. Breslau

Dorian R. Famiglietti

Douglas K. Manion

Justin L. Murphy

Allison T. Poirier

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