Jun 18 2024

CT Expanding Sick Leave to More Employees

By Attorney Michael Kopsick / In Business
Connecticut Expands Paid Sick Leave To More Employees   On May 28, 2024, Governor Lamont signed new legislation expanding Connecticut’s paid sick leave law to ensure more workers are covered.   Currently, Connecticut law ... Continue Reading »
Jun 10 2024

FTC Ruling on Non-Compete Agreements

By Attorney Michael Kopsick and Law Clerk Dan Steiner / In Business
Federal Trade Commission Ruling Likely To Impact Non-Compete Agreements … What You Need To Know. On April 23, 2024, the Federal Trade Commission (the “Commission”) issued a “Final Rule” banning employers from enterin ... Continue Reading »
Mar 15 2024

Employees Versus Independent Contractors: Understanding the Legal Difference

By Attorney Wendy Estela and Law Clerk Dan Steiner / In Business
One of the first challenges that new business owners face as they grow is the hiring process. Clients are often unsure about whether they should bring on an employee or an independent contractor, or “1099 worker.” Oftentimes this is ... Continue Reading »
Dec 27 2023

The 12 Days of Contracts: Days 7-12

By Attorney Wendy Estela / In Business
  For the 12 Days of Contracts days 1 through 6, click here.        Continue Reading »
Dec 19 2023

The 12 Days of Contracts: Days 1-6

By Attorney Wendy Estela / In Business
  For the 12 Days of Contracts days 7 through 12, click here.          Continue Reading »
Dec 13 2023
Connecticut’s Appellate Courts recently rendered important opinions regarding what evidence must be presented in foreclosure cases and the proper procedures for doing so.   In J.P. Morgan v. Lakner, the Connecticut Supreme Court overrule ... Continue Reading »
Oct 31 2023
The Connecticut Legislature recently passed two Public Acts that will have significant impact on the employment relationship. The following is a summary of both Acts for your consideration.   Public Act 21-30 takes effect this month and requir ... Continue Reading »
Jul 25 2023
I routinely have clients ask me if they should transfer their home to their children. The question is often posed like this: “Before she died, my grandmother transferred her house to my mother. Should I now transfer my home to my children?&rdqu ... Continue Reading »
Jul 14 2023
Trusts are usually lengthy documents that can be difficult for non-lawyers to understand. In this blog post, I'll explain the key terms and provisions so that you can "translate" what your Revocable Trust document says. ... Continue Reading »
Jun 26 2023

The Truth About Variances

By Attorney Dorian Reiser Famiglietti / In Land Use & Zoning
I often receive calls from homeowners seeking my assistance in obtaining a variance to allow for the construction of a proposed addition to their home; a new garage; or installation of a pool, fence, shed, or other structure. Sometimes the requests w ... Continue Reading »
Jun 13 2023
According to a recent report on an analysis of federal and state data, pedestrian fatalities on U.S. roadways and in our state have increased by more than 50 percent in the past decade. Why the increase? Factors include: Lack of safe road ... Continue Reading »
May 15 2023

Motorcycle Safety Tips

By Attorney Matthew Willis / In Personal Injury
Did you know that Connecticut is one of the top 10 most dangerous states for riding a motorcycle? Statistics show that 72 to 76 percent of all motorcycle crashes result in fatalities, while car accidents have around a 20% fatality rate. In ... Continue Reading »
May 09 2023
A life estate is a planning tool that can prove to be extremely useful from both an estate planning and an asset protection standpoint. So, what is a life estate? A “life estate” is a type of ownership interest in an asset that allows ... Continue Reading »
Mar 31 2023
When clients first come to KKC to discuss their intended purchase of a business, the conversation usually starts with the following question from the attorney that they are meeting with: “Are you buying the ownership interest in the business (i ... Continue Reading »
Mar 07 2023
When an owner of real estate has died and the property is to be sold, there are a few important differences from a sale involving a living person.     First, someone needs to obtain credentials to sell the real estate. If t ... Continue Reading »
Feb 10 2023
On October 1, 2022, the Connecticut Legislature amended Connecticut’s Fair Employment Practices Act (“CFEPA”) to apply to all employers with one or more employees, and to prohibit employment discrimination against domestic violence ... Continue Reading »
Jan 27 2023
Why Should You Consider Hiring an Attorney After a Motor Vehicle Accident?  An attorney can often obtain more money for your claim than you can obtain on your own. The goal of every insurance adjuster is to minimize claims payouts to incre ... Continue Reading »
Jan 09 2023
In 2016, the Connecticut Legislature enacted Public Act 16-29, titled “An Act Creating the Connecticut Retirement Security Program (“the Act”). The Act created the Connecticut Retirement Security Authority (“CRSA”), the ... Continue Reading »
Dec 30 2022

Bittersweet Goodbye

By Attorney Douglas Manion / In General
All good things must come to end, including one’s career. After 39 ½ years of practicing law, I will be moving into semi-retirement at the end of 2022. While I’m happy to be heading South for the winter to be a “snowbird&rdqu ... Continue Reading »
Dec 13 2022
Connecticut drivers thinking about having a few drinks before getting behind the wheel, beware! Connecticut residents whose licenses are suspended after being charged with operating under the influence are required to install a breathalyzer in t ... Continue Reading »
Oct 28 2022

VLOG: Incapacity Planning

By Attorney Allison Poirier / In Estate Planning
While estate plans typically focus on events that will happen years down the road, incapacity planning is more about the here and now since anyone at any age can be affected by a serious illness or injury. In this webinar, learn about how, throu ... Continue Reading »
Oct 13 2022
Pedestrian fatalities on CT and roadways throughout the United States have increased over the past decade. Deaths of pedestrians and cyclists are at 30-year highs. Factors that were suggested to lead to the recent rise include: Lack of safe roa ... Continue Reading »
Oct 07 2022
Marriage Issues Have you set the date yet? Is your daughter getting married? Marriage is an important step. If both spouses have a similar financial situation, then perhaps no special planning needs to be considered. If there is a disparity in finan ... Continue Reading »
Sep 23 2022
Many articles have been written about the Gift Tax implications of estate planning gifts. For most individuals, a more important consideration should be the income tax implications of substantial gifts to family, to charities, or mixed gifts that ben ... Continue Reading »
Sep 09 2022

So You Have an Estate Plan. Now What?

By Attorney Stephen Sutton / In Estate Planning
Many of you reading this may have already had an estate plan prepared, and in doing so considered the distributions of your estate to your heirs, asset protection mechanisms, tax saving strategies, and/or probate avoidance. You spent time thinking ab ... Continue Reading »
Aug 26 2022
One of the most common questions we receive from new clients is, “What will the court process entail?” While every divorce case is unique, and the complexity of financial and parenting issues can vary widely, the following is a ... Continue Reading »
Aug 01 2022

Simplifying Your Estate Plan

By Attorney Allison Poirier / In Estate Planning
If you had your estate plan prepared more than 20 years ago, there’s a good chance you needed one or more three-ring binders to store all the documents. Perhaps due to a fear that picking up those hefty binders more than once could cause a back ... Continue Reading »
Jul 22 2022

A Checklist for Helping Your Aging Parents

By Attorney William Dakin / In Elder Law
So, you’re approaching retirement. You’ve spent years getting your financial plan in place. You’re looking at your nest egg and wondering if it is enough. You’re scrutinizing the optimal retirement date and when to apply for s ... Continue Reading »
Jul 08 2022

VLOG: Trusts

By Attorney Allison Poirier / In Estate Planning
What is a trust? What does it do? What are the differences between revocable and irrevocable trusts? Attorney Allison Poirier answers all these questions (and more!) in our Trusts 101 video. Learn the basics of trusts and when you might need one. To ... Continue Reading »
Jun 06 2022
When I think of many people’s approach to estate planning, I am reminded of an infomercial from the late 1990s. The product being sold was a rotisserie oven, and the enthusiastic pitchman proclaimed that once the chicken was in the oven, you co ... Continue Reading »
May 23 2022
It’s no secret that Americans are spending more and more of their time online with each passing day: shopping, paying bills, sending emails, etc. Social media websites are a huge part of this trend. You find out about local events, parties, and ... Continue Reading »
May 04 2022

First Time Home Buyers--Where to Start

By KKC Real Estate Attorneys / In Real Estate
Some of your friends are starting to buy their first homes. You’ve got a good, steady job, you’ve been paying rent for a few years, you’ve built up some savings for a down payment, so you’ve decided it’s time to “t ... Continue Reading »
Apr 22 2022
Today we're introducing our new video series, Facts in 5, where we answer your most frequently asked questions in about 5 minutes. Today's topic is about how to structure your assets in order to avoid probate and keep things simple for y ... Continue Reading »
Apr 06 2022
Winters in New England can be rough. Wind, snow, and ice can really take a toll on your property. If you haven’t started your spring cleanup yet, a walk around your yard will probably turn up a slew of branches littering the ground, maybe ... Continue Reading »
Mar 18 2022
A common issue that arises for many when preparing their estate plan is resolving the struggle between equity vs. equality. Are there certain assets that are passing to some beneficiaries but not others? If so, are those beneficiaries receiving more ... Continue Reading »
Mar 04 2022
There is a lot of planning that goes into starting a business, however, one thing owners may not consider is what happens to the business if you retire, move on, become disabled, or die. Buy-sell agreements help business owners prepare and easily ... Continue Reading »
Feb 23 2022
Most of the cases I have been involved with over the last 30 years involve a “subpoena." The very idea of being subpoenaed makes many people weak in the knees. However, knowing what a subpoena is, what it can and cannot do, and what rights ... Continue Reading »
Feb 07 2022
If you’re like most people, thinking about who you want making medical decisions for you in the event you become incapacitated is not likely very high on your list of things to do. It’s a very difficult thing to contemplate, and even more ... Continue Reading »
Jan 21 2022
Tax season is a great time to examine the contents of your old filing cabinet and desk drawers, reduce the clutter, and shred any documents you no longer need. Many clients ask for guidance on how long you should retain your personal income tax and o ... Continue Reading »
Jan 07 2022

4 Health Tips for a More Effective You in 2022

By Attorney Michael Kopsick / In General
Lawyers often give a wide range of advice to their clients. Not all of that advice is focused on the law. Sometimes the most value a lawyer can add comes when he or she recognizes the need to change patterns and behaviors in order to address a proble ... Continue Reading »
Dec 22 2021
Divorce is often difficult. You’ve separated from a person you once loved and maybe still do. You had to figure out how to divide the assets you owned and the debt you had together. The holidays often bring up fond memories you made during a ma ... Continue Reading »
Dec 16 2021

VLOG: Probate 101

By Attorney Allison Poirier / In Probate
What is probate? What assets need to pass through probate? What tools can be used for avoiding probate? Will your estate have to pay an estate tax? Attorney Allison Poirier answers these questions and more in our Probate 101 video.    ... Continue Reading »
Dec 03 2021
Most of our estate planning clients come to us as husband and wife. The estate plan is typically prepared with each spouse providing for the other on the death of the first spouse, and for the couple's children or other beneficiaries on ... Continue Reading »
Nov 18 2021
In honor of Thanksgiving, we asked KKC staff to share their favorite holiday recipes. We hope you find a new favorite or two.  Appetizers/Drinks Mulled cider Thanksgiving mules Wine-baked olives and garlic cloves Oven-roasted dates an ... Continue Reading »
Oct 29 2021

6 Things You Need to Plan for the Future

By KKC Estate Planning Attorneys / In Estate Planning
It's not pleasant to think about a time when you won't be here anymore. But it's very important to start thinking about this ahead of time so that you can prepare adequately. Many people pass away without a will, which makes things very c ... Continue Reading »
Oct 15 2021
Decades ago, it was common for the elderly to remain in the family home and be cared for by their extended family. Often the elderly owned the family homestead that provided shelter for their children and grandchildren. In exchange, the elderly recei ... Continue Reading »
Oct 01 2021

Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment

By Attorney Dorian Famiglietti / In Real Estate
The National Taxpayers Union estimates that between 30 and 60% of taxable property in the United States is overassessed. And while no one wants to pay more for taxes than they need to, fewer than 5% of homeowners challenge the assessed value of ... Continue Reading »
Sep 17 2021
The number of unmarried partners living together nearly tripled in the past two decades, to 17 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And there’s a growing trend that more of those couples are buying a home together prior to getting marr ... Continue Reading »
Sep 03 2021
In today’s society, nearly everyone has some form of digital presence. From email to Facebook to online banking, a large part of our personal and financial lives are online. These modern conveniences make it easier to manage our ... Continue Reading »
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