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Mar 07 2023
When an owner of real estate has died and the property is to be sold, there are a few important differences from a sale involving a living person.     First, someone needs to obtain credentials to sell the real estate. If t ... Continue Reading »
Dec 16 2021

VLOG: Probate 101

By Attorney Allison Poirier / In Probate
What is probate? What assets need to pass through probate? What tools can be used for avoiding probate? Will your estate have to pay an estate tax? Attorney Allison Poirier answers these questions and more in our Probate 101 video.    ... Continue Reading »
Jan 29 2021
There is no denying it. Probate has a bad reputation. Chances are that if you have heard anything about probate, it is that probate is something to be avoided at all costs. And while minimizing interaction with the probate court can be accomplished ( ... Continue Reading »

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