Monthly Archives: December 2021

Dec 22 2021
Divorce is often difficult. You’ve separated from a person you once loved and maybe still do. You had to figure out how to divide the assets you owned and the debt you had together. The holidays often bring up fond memories you made during a ma ... Continue Reading »
Dec 16 2021

VLOG: Probate 101

By Attorney Allison Poirier / In Probate
What is probate? What assets need to pass through probate? What tools can be used for avoiding probate? Will your estate have to pay an estate tax? Attorney Allison Poirier answers these questions and more in our Probate 101 video.    ... Continue Reading »
Dec 03 2021
Most of our estate planning clients come to us as husband and wife. The estate plan is typically prepared with each spouse providing for the other on the death of the first spouse, and for the couple's children or other beneficiaries on ... Continue Reading »

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