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Dec 30 2022

Bittersweet Goodbye

By Attorney Douglas Manion / In General
All good things must come to end, including one’s career. After 39 ½ years of practicing law, I will be moving into semi-retirement at the end of 2022. While I’m happy to be heading South for the winter to be a “snowbird&rdqu ... Continue Reading »
Oct 13 2022
Pedestrian fatalities on CT and roadways throughout the United States have increased over the past decade. Deaths of pedestrians and cyclists are at 30-year highs. Factors that were suggested to lead to the recent rise include: Lack of safe roa ... Continue Reading »
Jan 07 2022

4 Health Tips for a More Effective You in 2022

By Attorney Michael Kopsick / In General
Lawyers often give a wide range of advice to their clients. Not all of that advice is focused on the law. Sometimes the most value a lawyer can add comes when he or she recognizes the need to change patterns and behaviors in order to address a proble ... Continue Reading »
Nov 18 2021
In honor of Thanksgiving, we asked KKC staff to share their favorite holiday recipes. We hope you find a new favorite or two.  Appetizers/Drinks Mulled cider Thanksgiving mules Wine-baked olives and garlic cloves Oven-roasted dates an ... Continue Reading »
Jun 11 2021
There are some crazy laws from Connecticut's past that still exist today. Why? Because they were created during a time when society looked very different, and it required unique guidelines to keep the peace. They were never stricken from the rule ... Continue Reading »
Nov 19 2019
Your loved one planned well, had a Power of Attorney (“POA”) prepared, and appointed you as their agent. Later, when you attempt to use the POA to help your loved one manage their finances, the bank refuses to accept the POA and denies yo ... Continue Reading »
Jul 26 2019
Your child is getting ready to go off to college this fall. Are you prepared?  Parents and their college-bound children discuss housing choices, meal plans, student loans (those FAFSA forms!), CHET savings plans, scholarships, work-stud ... Continue Reading »

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